• We were replacing Compressors in our data centers, but over the last year since the Articmasters have been installed, we haven’t replaced a single one.
    Switch & Data
    - Data Center
  • Energy reduction went down well over 20% at Nasa’s Ames Research Center
    AMB Engineering
  • Articmaster is one of the Finest Energy Savings Devices
    HVAC Insider Magazine
  • The supply air was 8-degrees colder and the unit cycled 6 hours less in a 24-hour period.
    DGS / Secretary of State
    - Media Vault
  • Savings on 16 package units exceeded guaranteed savings and the ROI was outstanding.
    Lockheed Martin
  • The Articmaster has reduced our energy consumption by 31% on a Trane A/C system. Our evaluation shows a kWh reduction for HVAC at more than 20%!
    City of Selma Fire Department
  • I had two MPM-30A Smart Motor Controllers installed at my home about a year and a half ago. I put one on my well pump and the other on my swimming pool pump. Since the installation, I have seen about $175 per month savings on my electricity bill, compared to what I used to have without them installed.
    Robert H.
    - Elverta, CA
  • About a year ago we had Articmaster installed on our 5-Ton heat pump A/C system. We have seen a decrease in our utility bill of about 30% when the system is running in A/C mode. I have also noticed that the air blowing inside of the house is colder, the head pressure on the system is about 50% less and our 26-year old A/C system, which was noisy when it ran, now runs quietly and does not labor like it used to. The Articmaster is helping our system run better than it has in years.
    Ray A.
    - Rio Linda, CA
  • In early August 2011 I had an Articmaster Condenser Control and an RMS-1 valve installed onto my 5-Ton Air Conditioning system. The unit was only about 6-years old at the time. With the Articmaster and RMS-1 in place, we have seen a drop in our electricity bill and we also received a letter from SMUD that said that we used 24% less energy overall between last year and this year, and that is the only change we made. The products and our A/C unit are working great.
    Tom R.
    - Sacramento, CA